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Story about people on two continents making a dream come true

All the way from Tunisia: Yassine fulfills his dreams at Camp Stand By Me

When 16-year-old Yassine was unable to participate in a foreign exchange program due to his personal care needs, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to fulfill his dream of living and learning in the US. Thankfully, Yassine and his sponsor organization found Easterseals Camp Stand By Me.

After finding Camp through an online search, Amy from AMIDEAST (a nonprofit organization in Tunisia) reached out to our staff in hope of finding a way for Yassine to visit Camp for an extended stay. Yassine is a wheelchair user and has personal care needs that require an aide, but thanks to our fully-accessible grounds and highly-trained staff, we were able to meet Yassine’s needs and welcomed him and his aide for a 2-week visit. For sessions 2-3 and the week in between, Yassine was immersed in the friendship, inclusion, and accessibility that make Camp Stand By Me such an amazing place.

In addition to his stay at Camp, Yassine was able to explore the surrounding area and experience more US culture, including a trip to Seattle with Camp Stand By Me Director, Angela Cox. They visited the Seattle Aquarium, Pike Place Market, and shops along the Waterfront where Yassine bought candy, gifts, and souvenirs for his friends and family back home in Tunisia. He also got to experience some classic Seattle food, fish and chips at the market, which he absolutely loved!

Hosting Yassine at Camp was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. He was able to fulfill his dream of spending the summer in the US, we learned so much about Tunisian culture, and we all enjoyed sharing experiences and making new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to AMIDEAST and everyone who made this trip possible!

Client Success Story from Nonprofit Program

Learner Makes Big Strides with ABA Therapy

Kirian was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. His mother, Jessica, noticed that his vocabulary wasn't developing the same as other children his age; he was having trouble forming words and getting frustrated when no one understood him. After his diagnosis, they were referred to a local therapy center for support. Unfortunately, Kirian was only receiving 30 minutes of group therapy a week and wasn't making any progress.

Jessica knew just how much this diagnosis would affect Kirian's life. Autism can severely impact a child's ability to socialize, communicate, and learn at the same rate as their typically developing peers. Studies have shown that early-intervention therapies are vital in helping children overcome these challenges, so Jessica was determined to get Kirian the support he needed.

After looking into several programs, Jessica and Kirian found Easterseals Washington's Olympic Peninsula Autism Center (OPAC). OPAC is committed to providing intensive, center-based, 1-on-1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism. Kirian began therapy 3 days a week, and it didn't take long to see progress. He is now able to use signs and body language to get his needs met and get the attention he seeks. He looks forward to coming to his therapy sessions, often bringing his clothes to his mom in the morning because he is so excited to get dressed and see his friends at OPAC.

Children like Kirian benefit immensely from personalized ABA therapy, giving them the opportunity to succeed in school and having a lasting impact for their entire lives. Learn more about the Olympic Peninsula Autism Center and our ABA Therapy programs here.

Event Description

Celebrate, Cultivate, and Connect with Women Lead

AIGA Seattle’s Women Lead Initiative aims to educate, inspire, and empower women and LGBTQ designers and creative professionals by addressing persistent biases and inequities. Join us this November for In Their Shoes, an event connecting design leaders and fostering discussions on inclusive work environments, empathy, and diversity in leadership. Roundtable discussions prompted by AIGA’s Gender Equity Toolkit will be followed by a panel Q&A featuring LGBTQ thought leaders from across Seattle's creative industry. Together, we will explore the struggles and successes that have led us here, and gain insight into the leadership and inclusive environment that will move us forward.

We expect lively discussion at this event as we touch on sensitive topics. Moderators will be present throughout to ensure group discussions remain respectful and inclusive.

AIGA Seattle 30 Years Booklet

For three decades, Seattle companies have used design to transform business, technology, and culture – not just in the Pacific Northwest, but across the globe; Seattle designers have made their mark on some of the world’s most recognizable and iconic brands; and Seattle schools and institutions have shaped a generation of designers and creative professionals. Today, Seattle ranks as the fastest growing big city in the US. We are poised to shape tomorrow with AIGA at the center of movement.

Email Marketing Piece for Nonprofit Program

Give the gift of camp.

Easterseals Camp Stand By Me has been providing life-changing experiences for children and adults with disabilities and their families for over 40 years. We remain successful by surrounding ourselves with the best. The best staff; the best activities; and the best equipment. Because we are a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to continue offering the absolute best fully-accessible facilities, low counselor-to-camper ratios, and a nursing staff that can meet the needs of every camper, no matter his or her needs. As we wrap up Summer 2016 Camp sessions and look ahead to 2017, we see some big projects on the horizon and need the support of our community more than ever. Can we count on you to add your name to the list of donors that have been providing memories and changing lives since 1974?

Any gift helps. If you would like to share your passion for Camp Stand By Me with friends and family, use the link at the bottom of this message to forward this e-mail to your network. We are truly grateful to count you among our friends at Camp. Thank you.

Organization Homepage Blurb

Easterseals Washington has been providing crucial services for people with disabilities and their families for nearly 70 years. Now, through 11 program sites across the state, we are serving people of any age and any disability - helping our clients build skills and access the resources they need to live, learn, work and play.

Program Naming Campaign

Help Us Name Our New Adult Day Centers

Easterseals Washington’s Adult Day programs give adults with disabilities a place to make friends, stay active, and receive health and personal care. These programs are essential spaces in our community, so we want the community’s help in naming them. That’s where you come in!

What’s in a name?
Our programs are bright, warm, and active. Our staff is supportive, kind, and caring. We want our new name to reflect these values and promote inclusion, accessibility, and fun. The new name will be included on our buildings’ signs, website, social media, and on all organization materials – so we want something that stands out!

How You Can Help
From now until April 7th, send us your suggestions for our new name. Get creative or keep it simple, it’s up to you! All we need is your suggestion, your name, and your email address. Once we close the submission period, we’ll compile a list of the best names and vote on our favorite. Best of all, if your suggestion is picked as our new name, you’ll win a brand new Amazon Fire HD Tablet! If your name doesn't get picked, you'll still receive an Easterseals pen!